Engaging and Advancing Community-Centered Teacher Development

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All Elementary Education majors may qualify for the ESL Second Academic Concentration option.

The ESL Concentration is designed to prepare prospective elementary teachers for multilingual and multicultural classrooms. 

There are two options available within this concentration:

  • A focus on ESL certification (designed for any Elementary Education major)
  • A focus on dual-language certification (designed for Elementary Education majors with advanced foreign language proficiency)

What you’ll get:

  • 18 hours of coursework focused on language acquisition and instruction, including principles of Dual Language (DL) Instruction. 
  • Field-based learning opportunities to help you understand the complexities of language teaching, working with parents, and understanding the communities you will serve.

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Required Courses

TED 335 Language Foundations for Teachers (3)    
TED 406 Institutes in Education (3)    
TED 423 Legal, Historical, and Cultural Issues in ESL (3)    
TED 425 Dual Language Instructional Practice (3)       
Foreign Language Courses (6) At least 6 hours of foreign language coursework. Students who choose the Dual-Language option need to have 6 hours of advanced foreign language coursework. In some cases, students already with advanced language proficiency may take other courses in place of foreign language courses with the approval of their advisor.    

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